Dog Beds Can’t Be Underestimated for Comfort in Winter Months

If there’s one thing that dogs love, it’s a warm place to go and feel safe!  I have 5 different dog beds scattered throughout the house for my dogs.  I especially love the Othorpedic dog bed for my 3 older dogs. I bought 3 of these for my 2 German Shepherds and my Chow/Golden Retriever Mix. The reviews here and the fact that I bought my parents a human version of this for their 49th anniversary, and they love it, helped me make the buying decision.

Dog Beds the Perfect Gift for Your Dog

The dogs, although they have not specifically commented, love
these beds. You know a dog loves a bed when you sneak in while they are asleep
and they are laying upsidedown, legs in the air, then wake while you watch them,
and without moving an inch, they stare at you, trying to understand why you
appear to be upsidedown.

Another indication of their enjoyment of the
bed is the fact that they are not restless at night. In the past, on a towel, a
blanket, or another type of pillow, they moved around like a pauper in a pay
toilet and made the associated grunts and groans. That has ended.

Dog Beds the Perfect Gift for Your Dog

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