Removal of the veins around anus that have enlarged is called Hemorrhoidectomy. Hemorrhoids can be removed quite easily using any surgical procedure while you are under sedation. Gauze packing is inserted after the hemorrhoids have been removed to reduce the bleeding. Surgery is a good option if the hemorrhoids are enlarged but may not be required if they are smaller. There are other treatments available for hemorrhoids that include rubber band ligation, chemical injection to reduce swelling or laser beam treatment.

Common Hemorrhoid Surgery Complications

There are many possible hemorrhoid surgery complications. The most common one of these is pain and this is the main reason why patients tend to avoid this surgery. Technically, this surgery is not complicated, but pain is the main factor that keeps people from opting for this option. There are some common painkiller that can be given to avoid hemorrhoid surgery complications such as morphine. This can be given as epidural, IV drip or injection. Taking direct injections of painkiller during surgery reduces the pain post-surgery. There is also reduction in other side effects such as urinary retention.

Other hemorrhoid surgery complication is inability to urinate or urinary retention. This is the most common complication of surgery 20% of the people suffer from this complication but it is a temporary condition and it heals itself in 1-2 days.

Urinary Tract Infection is not a directly related to hemorrhoid surgery complication. It is a complication associated with complicating of inserting non-sterile catheter that is used to help in urinary retention. Most of these infections can be treated with the help of antibiotics but in some cases, other complication can also occur

Constipation is very common as a hemorrhoid surgery complication after the haemorrhoids surgery. It is mainly caused as patients fear the pain while moving bowels. Other factors causing constipation could be bed rest or anaesthesia.

Massive bleeding is not very common hemorrhoid surgery complication and it is a result of poor surgical procedure. Solution of adrenaline is given to treat the bleeding that helps in clotting the blood.

Skin growth around anus that happens when the wound heals is called anal tag. This hinders the process of cleaning the area after bowel movement and it can also become itchy and irritated. They can be cut away by a doctor.

If mucous tissues are not properly removed during surgery, they can form a lump in the anal canal and it then needs to be removed. It can cause itching or discharge from anus.

There are many bacteria in feces but infection is not very common after surgery and is not a serious hemorrhoid surgery complication.

Hemorrhoid surgery pain and discomfort are very common after the surgery and they can easily be treated with the help of a painkiller. Constipation must be prevented to avoid any further complications.


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